Close Quarter Combat Weapons Class

CQC Weapon Training

with Graham Butcher

Tuesdays 8 – 9 pm

The CQC class is open to anyone from 14 years and upwards. The class focuses on training with close quarter weapons such as the cudgel/walking stick, dagger/tein, the sax and knife defence. The class teaches practical self–defence although the skills learnt will go well beyond the requirements for everyday self–protection. The emphasis will of course be on safety and control.

Training includes:

  • Nine striking and thrusting exercises with the cudgel
  • Cudgel attack and defence
  • Using the cudgel/walking stick for knife defence
  • Dagger and tein training for armed and unarmed self–defence
  • Five principles knife defence drills
  • Cost

    Your first class is free. Thereafter, the training fee is £25 per month to be paid by standing order. (£20 if under 18yrs)

    If you prefer to pay weekly, classes may be paid for at £7 per session. (£6 if under 18yrs)

    If you wish to stay for both CQC classes on a Tuesday evening the second class with cost just £2 extra

    For more information please email Graham or telephone him on 0771 358 5954.