Training with Sticks Seminar

Training with the Tein, Cudgel, Axe and Staff

with Graham Butcher

Saturday 24th June 2017, 2 – 5 pm, Crewkerne, Somerset

Stav has traditionally used a wide variety of weapons including the spear, sword, sax, battleaxe, knife and dagger. However, for contemporary training purposes a selection of sticks are used. We also need to be aware that in the modern UK civilians are generally forbidden the use of weapons. So, if you are going to defend yourself using an object as a force multiplier, it will probably have to be a stick of some kind. So, in modern Stav training four lengths of stick provide our basic training equipment.

Let me explain what I consider to be the difference between a weapon and a force multiplier. A weapon is an object capable of doing damage to the human body with minimum effort. A knife or chisel may be designed as tools but if used against the body will cut or pierce with little effort. My definition of a force multiplier is an object which is harmless enough to handle but could be used to increase the range and hardness at which you can strike and be persuasive in discouraging an attacker by creating pain rather than severe damage. Of course the police may still charge you with possession of an offensive weapon if they consider your intentions or actions to be dubious. However, possession of a walking stick should be perfectly acceptable in a public place such as a park while walking your dog.

One of the meanings of the word Stav is stave or stick and thus the stick in four different lengths provides our basic training equipment. The four lengths of stick are:

The staff is a pole with a length which reaches from the ground to somewhere between your shoulder or top of your head. A staff is a highly effective force multiplyer in its own right and can be used for developing the skills needed for handling a spear, poleaxe or longsword.

The Stav training axe is basically a staff which reaches from the ground to your navel. Used two handed such a stick is basically a club. Training with the axe length stick builds skills for real axes, the Japanese Katana and force multipliers of opportunity such as pick axe handles and base ball bats.

The cudgel is basically a walking stick. In length it will reach from the hand to the floor. A walking stick is the nearest thing to a legal force multiplier you are likely to be in possession of so, it is well worth knowing how to use a walking stick for self–defence. The cudgel also trains for one handed swords, saxes, matchetes etc.

The tein is the shortest stick we generally train with. In length it will reach from elbow to the base of the fingers. The tein is a highly effective force multiplier in close quarter combat situations. It can be used for defending against knives and similar weapons such as screwdrivers. The tein is also used for training for using the knife or dagger. A tein may also be a peice of antler which may naturally have one or more sharp points.

Training will include:

  • Charactaristics of the stick and how to select a staff, axe, cudgel or tein for training with
  • Grips, carry positions, posture, movement and deployment
  • Training with the staff for accuracy at long range
  • Training with the axe for force and speed
  • Training with the cudgel for distance and coordination
  • Training with the tein for self–defence and developing an understanding of body mechanics
  • Seminar will be held at Lift Fitness in Crewkerne. All necessary equipment will be provided but bring own staff or walking stick if you wish. (Please note that the instructor will reserve the right to ask you not to use your own equipment if it is not appropriate, please do not be offended if this happens, it will only be for safety reasons.) If you are interested in purchasing Stav training weapons, or would like the plans to make your own, you can order them here

    You will have full insurance cover for the event, I will just need your full name and date of birth at least 24 hours before the event starts.


    The training fee is £20 Please use Paypal button below or the contact details to ask for bank details if you prefer to make a bank transfer. If you are paying monthly for training with Somerset Stav Martial Arts then this seminar will just cost you £5

    For more information please email Graham or telephone him on 0771 358 5954.